I am a compulsive artist...I paint everyday because I have to!

My images are raw and intuitive.  Colors harmonize in unexpected ways and exuberance often collides with angst.

Faces predominate my work, many in frontal gazes that meets the viewer head -on; faces as maps that reveal places we've been...or may be going.

In the words of Zorba the Greek---  

I embrace everything...the full catastrophe, speaking to the human condition of joy and triumph, suffering and celebration.


Artist Bio

Working studio/gallery at Wedge Studios in The River Arts district Asheville, N.C. 2009-current

Member of the Circle Foundation for the Arts, London.


Exhibition history:

American Folk Art Gallery/ Asheville 2007-2009

Atelier Gallery /Asheville 2007-2010

Attic Gallery /Vicksburg, MS 2012 to current

Beverly Kaye online gallery/ 2015


Museum affiliations/collections:

Victor Keane collection at the Bethany Mission Gallery/ Philadelphia,PA.


Group shows/solo exhibitions:

Wedge Studios group shows:

Pussy's Galore 2009

Black and White and Shades of Gray 2011

Wedge duo show 2016

The Visual Word 2016


Andrew Charles Gallery/Asheville:

False Faces 2014

Zoo Parade 2014


Sink or Swim,  Clingman Cafe/River Arts District 2013


Overeasy Cafe:

Solo shows 2010 and 2015


Cherry Bounce/American Politics / William King Museum Abingdon, VA., September 2016-January 2017

Saatchi Art / Urban Edge,  New Street Art collection 2016

ACT Asheville : 2013-2016


Private Patrons in North Carolina, South Carolina,

Georgia, Alabama, Kentucky, Texas, New Orleans,

New York, Pennsylvania and Merida, Mexico.